Mad Ape Vape uses Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Gorilla Bottles. So much better than previous glass eyedropper bottles.

Our Cloud Chaser blends are Max VG "Bursting with Flavor!" Engineering a truly premium E-Liquid requires paying attention to details. The best flavors are all natural flavors. The best VG required months of searching and evaluation. We Found It!

Finally, for our nicotine based E-Liquid, we found a phenomenal source who's extract is made from USA organic grown tobacco and cold filter processed. Delivers the throat hit without coloring the flavor of our ALL NATURAL E-Liquid. We use ALL NATURAL FRUIT CONCENTRATES in our Cloud Chaser product line. Mad Ape Vape is very expensive to produce, but the results are "breathtaking".

When you buy direct from Mad Ape Vape, you are getting a truly PREMIUM E-Liquid at a local vape shop house blend price! We do not have the expensive overhead of a brick and mortar store, so we can pass the savings on to you. Why pay the additional markup of 100%, 200% or even 300% the vape shop charges, when you can buy a PREMIUM E-Liquid direct from the manufacturer?